written by Ashlei Mosley


Valentine’s day is swiftly approaching and you know what that means:

Store bought chocolate, roses, heart-shaped balloons, and sugary sweet cards.

It’s the same routine each year, but it works right?


What if you were to try something different this year?

I mean really WOW your valentine by giving them a gift that’s not only thoughtful and lets you express your creativity, but is also inexpensive and doesn’t involve any variety of heart-shaped boxed chocolates.

What does every naturalista love?

Receiving new hair products!

They’re the best kind of gift because they’re both thoughtful and useful.

But instead of throwing them into a shiny red gift bag and calling it a day, why not get a little inventive with your gift wrapping?

I believe part of gifting is the presentation, and today I’m going to show you how to create a Valentine’s day gift basket perfect for the natural hair lover in your life.


What you’ll need:
– A gift basket or box
– Tissue paper
– A dozen roses (or your valentine’s favorite flower)
– Their hair product of choice. I’m using products from Dark N Lovely’s new Au Naturale L.O.C. hair care line.
– A sweet V-day card

First we want to make sure to give your items some height when they’re laying in your basket or box. Crumple up tissue paper to cover the bottom and then lay one sheet over the crumpled pieces to give the basket a clean look.


Next pluck a rose bud from its stem and sprinkle some petals on top of the tissue paper.


Now it’s time to arrange the items in your basket and sprinkle a few more petals over top.


Tie the rest of the roses with some ribbon or twine and lay them either within or beside your basket depending on the space you have.


For an extra touch add a bottle of wine, a sweet smelling candle, bath salts, or additional hair accessories.


Prepare to amaze your sweetheart with your thoughtfulness and creativity this year!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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